Re: UK Select Committee Inquiry into Scientific Publication

From: David Goodman <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 15:59:41 -0400

Charles, I agree that, if pressure is to be applied, this is probably the wrong place to apply it. I cannot see how it would work without significant subsidies--they would then be subsidizing the UK publishers to publish work from other countries. Alternatively, it would risk the migration of the industry elsewhere.
I have commented that I dislike cumpulsory moves by governments, but the least harmful way to apply it, is to specify that only OA articles will be taken into account in future appointments and grants decisions.
I have promised myself not to think about this further till the 20th.

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    Re: UK Select Committee Inquiry into Scientific Publication

According to yesterday's "Observer" newspaper,,9174,1258849,00.html
the committee will recommend that legislation be introduced to force
all UK publishers to use an OA route, but I have to say I found that
notion incredible.

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