Re: Sociology of Technology

From: Ingemar Bohlin <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 13:04:39 +0100

A few days ago, a recently published paper of mine was announced on
this list:

Ingemar Bohlin, Communication Regimes in Competition: The Current
Transition in Scholarly Communication Seen through the Lens of the
Sociology of Technology. Social Studies of Science 34, 2004, 365-91.

Jan Velterop posted a note the other day, asking whether a
self-archived version of the paper is available via the web.
Unfortunately, this is not the case. Sage, with which I negotiated
this issue before signing their copyright transfer form, allows me to
self-archive only 50 per cent of the paper.

To make matters worse, I have just discovered that my paper is not
included in the SwetsWise online version of the June issue of Social
Studies of Science. I have got in touch with Sage about this, and
hope that they will quickly correct their mistake.

At the time of writing, then, the paper is only available in the
hardcopy version of the journal.

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