Implementing the US/UK recommendation to mandate OA Self-Archiving

From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 18:02:37 +0100

Now that the the UK Parliament Science and Technology Committee
as well as the US House Appropriations Committee
have both recommended the OA self-archiving of funded research, it is
time for universities and research institutions to start thinking about
implementing that mandate -- and for those that have thought about it
and done it to make their self-archiving policies known, so others can
emulate them

Here are 18 resources to help with this:

(1) To indicate that your institution is committing itself to implementing
an official Self-Archiving Policy and to briefly describe that policy
for others:

(2) Registry of Institutions who have signed the above,
and a description of their policies (5 so far):

(3) Registry of Institutional OA Eprint Archives (209 so far)

(4) Directory of Journals that have already given their official green light
to author/institution self-archiving (84% so far):

(5) OAIster: Harvester and search-engine for distributes Institutional
OA Eprint Archives (307 so far):

(6) Model Departmental Self-Archiving Policy:

(7) Evidence for the Impact-Enhancing Effect of OA Self-Archiving:

(8) BOAI Self-Archiving FAQ:

(9) OSI Eprints Handbook:

(10) GNU Eprints Archive-Creating Software

(11) Standardized OAI CV template:

(12) Paracite Citation Seeker:

(13) Open Archives Initiative (OAI):

(14) American Scientist Open Access Forum:

(15) Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI):

(16) Berlin Declaration:

(17) SPARC Repository Resources:

(18) Directory of Open Access Journals

Stevan Harnad

UNIVERSITIES: If you have adopted or plan to adopt an institutional
policy of providing Open Access to your own research article output,
please describe your policy at:

    BOAI-2 ("gold"): Publish your article in a suitable open-access
            journal whenever one exists.
    BOAI-1 ("green"): Otherwise, publish your article in a suitable
            toll-access journal and also self-archive it.

A complete Hypermail archive of the ongoing discussion of providing
open access to the peer-reviewed research literature online (1998-2004)
is available at:
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