Re: Please provide publisher/journal self-archiving policies for Romeo Directory

From: Subbiah Arunachalam <>
Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2004 15:17:48 +0100

     [Amsci Moderator's note: Reply follows below query]

Stevan may kindly clarify if all the 11,000 journals (from 97 publishers)
surveyed so far allow self-archiving. If not does the 84% still hold
good, or has this number also changed with the increase in the number
of journals surveyed. thanks. Arun


    Yes, already has an estimate from the
    Ulrich's data for 10,673 journals
    indicating that the percentage green for the total sample of
    97 publishers surveyed to date will be about the same as for the 87
    publishers whose journal lists we have alreday collected.

    If anything, the final percentage green for the sample of 97 looks
    as if it may be somewhat higher than the estimate based on Ulrich's.
    See below the journal counts for the 10 publishers for whom we are
    still in the process of collecting the individual journal-names)

    I have myself just this minute found and added the number of journals
    published by each of the 10 missing publisher, based on their website
    listings. Note that the total number of journals will be less than the
    Ulrichs estimate (and my prior projection from that estimate to
    11,000). The Ulrichs data probably included some double-counts
    (journals sold in parts).

    The total Romeo sample to date will hence be about 8800 journals.
    Note that this intentionally leaves out most of the 1149 gold
    journals listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ),
    even though all gold journals are also green! The reason is that
    these are two different samples, and the DOAJ sample is probably
    closer to being the *total* number of gold journals, whereas the
    Romeo Green survey is really merely a *sample* -- although it does
    already include most of the core journals. (There is an overlap
    of a very small number of publishers that are on both lists, e.g.,

    Publishers as well as those who know publishers' self-archiving
    policies are encouraged to enlarge the Romeo sample by registering
    the policy at the SHERPA site
    and (please!) also listing the journals at the romeo,eprints site:

Journal counts for the 10 remaining publishers:

American Association for the Advancement of Science (1) (GREEN)
BMJ Publishing Group (30) (GREEN)
Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins (287) (GRAY)
School of Management, University of Bath (?) (GRAY)
Institute of Mathematical Statistics (4 or 7) (GREEN)
Annual Reviews (37 or 47) (GREEN)
Johns Hopkins University Press (50+) (GREEN)
Australian Computer Society Inc (1) (GREEN)
Australian Academic Press (10) (GREEN) Association for
the Advancement of Computing in Education (8) (GRAY)

Stevan Harnad
Received on Sat Aug 07 2004 - 15:17:48 BST

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