Re: Open letter to Congress from 25 Nobel Laureates

From: Donat Agosti <>
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2004 14:17:19 +0100

Why is this initiative just one for the biomedical community? It seems
strange to me, that it doesn't cover science in general. For example, one of
the major problems in Conservation Biology is in fact access to the widely
scattered publications, and increasingly, a digital divide is being widening
between North and South (where most of the biodiversity is), as well as
between those being part of a wealthy university system and those not.

Donat Agosti

    [Moderator's Note: A simple way to extend the scope of the US/NIH
    initiative (to mandate the open-access self-archiving of all
    NIH-funded biomedical research) so as to cover all of scientific and
    scholarly research is to drop the stipulation that the self-archiving
    must be done in PubMed Central (PMC): Just mandate that it should
    be self-archived in an OAI-compliant archive, without stipulating
    PMC, just as the UK's proposed self-archiving mandate has done. If
    NIH authors self-archive in their own institutional OAI archives,
    the practise will propagate naturally across all the disciplines at
    their institutions. -- Stevan Harnad]
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