Interview with Vitek Tracz

From: Richard Poynder <aotg20_at_DSL.PIPEX.COM>
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 15:56:11 +0100


I will in the near future be interviewing the Chairman of Current Science
Group Vitek Tracz for Information Today
( The interview will cover
Vitek's various businesses, but will be particularly focused on BioMed
Central and Vitek's role in Open Access publishing. It will also aim to
explore his views on associated issues such as self-archiving.

If anyone would like to suggest questions they would like me to put to
Vitek, or issues/topics they would like me to raise with him, please feel
free to e-mail me directly.

The most recent interview I conducted was with Springer's Derk Haank, and
can be read at Thanks to
those who made suggestions for that interview.


Richard Poynder
Freelance Journalist
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