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Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2004 12:35:58 +0100


How would you go about funding the conversion of individual institutions such
as universities?

How would you use funding to achieve "the
implementation of official institutional self-archiving *policies*"?

As a member of the Information Sub-Board of OSI, I would be interested in
seeing a series of concrete tactics and strategies in this regard.


Jean-Claude Guédon

On Fri October 1 2004 04:40 pm, Stevan Harnad wrote:
> Prior Reference:
> "A Keystroke Koan For Our Open Access Times"
> The two funding notices below from Open Access News caught my eye for the
> sheer irony of these misdirected good intentions: Of course OA journal
> publishing can use all the financial help it can get, but if these two
> well-meaning OA supporters -- JISC and OSI -- were to spend the same
> amount of money on funding the conversion of individual institutions
> rather than individual journals to OA provision (by funding the creation
> of institutional OA Eprint Archives and, more important, the
> implementation of official institutional self-archiving *policies*), that
> would generate far, far more OA for the same money!
> The annual journal-article output of a university is far bigger than that
> of a journal, and university OA provision propagates across journals (and
> universities). Moreover, the per-article costs of funding self-archiving
> are incomparably lower.
> When will OA-funders at last realize that they are doing far less for OA
> when they just keep going for gold, instead of green?
> Harnad, S., Brody, T., Vallieres, F., Carr, L.,
> Hitchcock, S., Gingras, Y, Oppenheim, C., Stamerjohanns,
> H., & Hilf, E. (2004) The Access/Impact Problem and the
> Green and Gold Roads to Open Access. Serials Review 30.
> Shorter version:
> The green and the gold roads to Open Access. Nature Web Focus.
> -------------
> Funding to convert conventional journals to OA
> JISC has announced another round of funding for publishers to
> convert conventional journals to open access. From the tender: JISC
> "invites proposals from publishers or learned societies looking
> to move to an open access model for their journal(s). JISC will
> award short term funding to a small number of publishers or learned
> societies who agree to waive open access submission and publication
> fees for UK Higher Education (HE) staff for a one-year period. There
> is funding of 150,000 pounds available to support this Initiative in
> the 2004-05 Academic Year (1 August 2004 ? 31 July 2005). The deadline for
> submission of proposals is 12 noon on Thursday 11 November 2004."
> OSI grants program for OA journals
> The Open Society Institute Information Program has announced a new
> grants program for open access journals. OSI is providing $50,000
> "to support the publication in open access journals of articles by
> authors residing and working in countries where the Soros foundations
> network is active." The funding covers article processing fees charged
> by OA journals for accepted articles and will be paid directly to
> the journals. The program covers all open-access journals and all
> disciplines. Journal publishers may apply online.
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> Stevan Harnad
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