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From: Steve Hitchcock <>
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 11:59:17 +0100

At 17:05 03/10/04 +0100, Peter Murray-Rust wrote:
>For part of the authors' submission - the supplemental data - it is worse.
>I know that for some of this list only "full text" is published but for
>many scientists the supplemental data (without which the paper is not
>allowed to be published) is at least or even more important. In the
>present case the publisher sends the data to a data aggregator which
>releases it with the following added copyright notice (I quote part and
>gently anonymise the source)
>This [data] is provided on the understanding that it is used for bona
>fide research purposes only. It may contain copyright material of [the
>data aggregator] or of third parties, and may not be copied or further
>disseminated in any form, whether machine-readable or not, except for the
>purpose of generating routine backup copies on your local computer system.

Stevan has answered most of Peter's points, so I will just pick up on this
point concerning supplemental data.

A publisher or third-party cannot assume any copyright over the author's
materials other than that assigned by the author. If that assignment is
'green', then it applies to the supplemental data as well as the full text.

If Peter is concerned about 'collection of facts' issues that restrict
subsequent dissemination from commercial database services that might have
published the supplemental data based on an agreement with a journal
publisher, then the answer is to self-archive the supplemental data along
with the self-archived full text.

As Peter is aware, services that enable this are being developed
This one is based on Eprints, and is being developed by the eBank UK project

It's not in general use yet, but the project has been funded for a second
year to widen support for usage in more subject areas.

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