Re: Priorities: OA Content Provision vs. OA Content Preservation

From: (wrong string) élène Bosc <hbosc_at_TOURS.INRA.FR>
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 16:00:21 +0200

A 12:38 05/10/04 +0100, Brian Simboli a écrit :

>The argument is apparently that once a critical mass of green self-archived
>articles hangs out on the web, attention will then somehow turn to preserving
>open access to those freely available versions. The assumption here is that
>people will be so enamored of their free availability that they'll want to
>continue that status quo.

What would have been your answer to that message that I received yesterday?

"Dear doctor,

I am an Algerian teacher of biology at the university of BEJAIA. I wish
that you are well. Please, can you send me articles about protamines, FSH
and LH, testosterone. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you beforehand."

I receive very often this king of message for many years, from unknown
researchers living in different developing countries and I cannot send all
resquested articles to all of them.
My answer yesterday was :
"Following you request for articles about protamines, FSH and LH,
testosterone, may I suggest you to use the search engine OAister;page=simple
  Good luck in your research and best wishes"

Good luck will arrive when all archives are full of all articles on LH,
FSH, etc.and it could be today. Do you think that this researcher can wait
that we have resolved all promised problems for to-morrow ?
Remember those who have nothing and please consider filling archives first.

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