Report: eprints and open access journal delivery models

From: Rachel Bruce <r.bruce_at_JISC.AC.UK>
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 19:01:48 +0100

The JISC is pleased to announce a new publication that looks at service
delivery models to support Open Access journals and e-prints. A PDF
version of the report is at:

Forms of scholarly communication increasingly involve the publishing of
e-prints in repositories hosted at institutions or on a subject basis
and journal articles published using the open access model via
commercial publishers. Both forms of publishing can compliment each
other and with the use of standards like the Open Access Initiative
(OAI) protocol for metadata harvesting there are opportunities for more
managed and integrated access than is currently available.

The report was commissioned by JISC's Journals Working Group (JWG) and
funded by the JISC Integrated Information Environment committee (JIIE)
as a piece of joint work bringing together the development interests of
JIIE with the work of JWG in journal provision. The report was
undertaken by The Electronic Publishing Innovation Centre (EPIC) and Key
Perspectives Limited, on behalf of JISC, and looks at ways in which the
delivery, management and access of e-prints and open access journals
might be provided. The report therefore offers a view of different
models that might support the newly emerging open access environment.
The study looks into three possible models of open access provision in
the UK - centralised, distributed and harvesting - examining the pros
and cons of each. It sets out a rationale for any new work undertaken in
the area, with detail and emphasis on three specific themes: technical
issues, preservation of research and political and cultural factors that
need to be considered. The JISC is considering the findings of the
report and will feed these into on-going planning to provide a more
seamless and richer information environment.

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