Re: Priorities: OA Content Provision vs. OA Content Preservation

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Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 15:05:36 +0100

A 11:46 05/10/04 -0400, Brian Simboli a E9crit :

> I'm not convinced that green self-archiving holds out any more promise
> of providing a stable, long term way to fulfill third world needs
> satisfactorily than does the development of gold open access or low-cost
> TA solutions. Apparently you think this to be the case. What arguments
> might you give here, other than an emotional appeal?

1) With emotions you can lead the world.

2) Stevan Harnad has developed, more than once, in this Forum and
elsewhere, a number of specific arguments for privileging the green
road, and I agree with those arguments. (It is not necessary for me to
repeat them here, and less well.)

3) But concretely, I can explain my own involvement in the green road:

Our research laboratory's field is Biology and we have been able
to commute unproblematically between both the gold and green roads
(i.e., publishing in Open Access [OA] journals and OA self-archiving]. I have
been encouraging our researchers to publish in Biomed Central (gold)
journals. But since 2002, our researchers have only published 3-4 articles
a year in those gold periodicals whereas their other 160 articles are
still being published in the conventional non-OA journals. What to
do about making those articles OA?

> The "obvious" solution is not always the best. Immediate solutions are
> not always in the best long-term interest.

4) My immediate solution is to fill our OA Archive
through librarian-assisted proxy self-archiving

This will now be done rapidly (and awaits only my finding time enough to
self-archive the backlog on behalf of the researchers in my lab!). I have a
lot of articles (including those articles on LH and FSH that were recently
requested by the Algerian teacher I mentioned in my prior posting)
published in green journals. More than 100 articles are waiting to be
archived. (Recall that 92% of journals now officially give their
"green light: to author self-archiving: ).

I cannot see any problem at all with this "obvious" solution.

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