Re: Mandating OA around the corner?

From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 11:33:33 +0100

The Scottish Declaration on Open Access (OA) was officially launched on
October 11:

at a meeting of the Scottish Science Information Strategy Working Group

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If/when the Scottish Research Funding Councils adopt this Declaration
as policy (they have not yet done so), they will:

    "require as a condition of grant that publications resulting from
    funding are available on open access by means of self-archiving in
    an appropriate repository."

Those Universities that sign that they adopt this Declaration:

    "commit themselves... to set up institutional [or joint co-operative]
    repositories [and] encourage, and as soon as practical mandate [that
    their] researchers... deposit copies of their outputs (articles,
    reports, conference papers, etc) [therein]."

May I also encourage those Scottish Universties and Funding Councils that
actually commit themselves to implementing the Scottish Declaration to also
sign and describe their policies at the site below, to encourage and
provide a model for other funding councils and universities worldwide
to emulate?

Note that the UK Research Councils will also be
meeting shortly to discuss adopting a similar institutional self-archiving
mandate, and that the Swiss Academies of Sciences and Humanities/Arts had
a symposium in Zurich on Friday October 15 to discuss similar matters:

where Hans F. Hoffmann Director of Technology Transfer and Scientific
Computing at CERN and Georg W. Botz, of the Administrative Headquarters
of the Max-Planck Society (MPI) reported that both CERN and MPI have
de-facto already implemented an institutional self-archiving mandate
(although neither is yet official de-iure). One hopes that these two very
prominent and influential institutions will shortly sign and describe
their policies, as a model for other institutions at:

Stevan Harnad

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