Re: A Search Engine for Searching Across Distributed Eprint Archives

From: Donat Agosti <>
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 15:08:14 +0100

Dear Stevan

Attached a little report which appeared in today Science section of the
Neue Zuercher Zeitung:

I am sorry, I couldn't make it. There was a second meeting in Bern on
Biodiversity Issues, which has in fact a lot to do with the open access
initiative. This meeting though was organized by life science, and not
medical science, two branches of the Swiss Academy of Sciences....

Something, which bothers me and doesn't show up in most of the
discussion of open access, is the construction of search tools across
digital publications (and potentially millions of pages of legacy
information). In the end, this will be the real issue, not just reading
another publication face to face.

What do you think about that? It seems, that the big publishing houses
are already thinking about that, and that they developed such
facilities. This of course is one of the most important tools, for data
mining, extraction, or just finding the right piece of information. It
also means, that we look beyond selfarchived pdf documents to searchable
documents with some mark up of their logic content included. Any ideas?

All the best, and thanks for all your efforts re open access


Dr. Donat Agosti
Research Associate, American Museum of Natural History and Smithsonian


Dalmaziquai 45
3005 Bern
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