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From: Donat Agosti <>
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2004 14:53:47 +0000

This seems to be an article of interest to the open access debate?

    Paul A. David (2004) "Can 'open science' be protected from the
    evolving regime of IPR protections?" Journal of Institutional
    and Theoretical Economics 160 (1, 2004): 9-34
    ABSTRACT: Increasing access charges and transactions costs arising
    from monopoly rights in data and information adversely affect the
    conduct of science, especially exploratory research programs. The
    latter are critical for the sustained growth of knowledge-driven
    economies, and are most efficiently pursued in the "open science"
    mode. In some fields, informal cooperative norms for timely sharing of
    access to raw data-steams and documented database resources are being
    undermined by legal institutional innovations that accommodate the
    further privatizing of the public domain in information. A variety
    of corrective measures are needed to restore proper balance to the
    IPR regime.

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