Leslie Chan on Institutional Repositories

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Item from Peter Suber's Open Access News

    The rise of OA institutional repositories

    Leslie Chan, Supporting and Enhancing Scholarship in the Digital Age:
    The Role of Open Access Institutional Repositories, Canadian Journal
    of Communication, 29 (2004) pp. 277-300.

    Abstract: 'Scholarly communication and publishing are increasingly
    taking place in the electronic environment. With a growing proportion
    of the scholarly record now existing only in digital format, serious
    and pressing issues regarding access and preservation are being
    raised that are central to future scholarship. At the same time,
    the desire of scholars to maximize readership of their research
    and to take control of the scholarly communication process back
    from the restrictive domain of commercial publishing has prompted
    the proliferation of access options and experimental models of
    publishing. This paper examines the emerging trend of university-based
    institutional repositories (IRs) designed to capture the scholarly
    output of an institution and to maximize the research impact of this
    output. The relationship of this trend to the open access movement is
    discussed and challenges and opportunities for using IRs to promote
    new modes of scholarship are provided.'
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