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Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 22:28:02 +0000

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> Do you know about/have a view on this?
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> Does anyone have any involvement with Science Commons? - they are
> exploring the idea of extending Creative Commons idea of flexible
> copyright to scientific work:

A CC license is definitely always preferable, if/when it can be
successfully negotiated; but it is equally definitely *not* a prerequisite
for OA, and should not be described as such (particularly with 92%
of journals already green on self-archiving!). To hold out needlessly
for CC is simply to put another needless retardant on 100% OA, which is
already long, long overdue.

Please see:

    Re: "Free Access vs. Open Access"
              On the Deep Disanalogy
              Between Text and Software and
              Between Text and Data
              Insofar as Free/Open Access is Concerned


    "Apercus of WOS Meeting: Making Ends Meet in the Creative Commons"

    Re: "Evolving Publisher Copyright Policies On Self-Archiving"

    Re: "Green, Gold, Elsevier, Springer"

        "The Creative Commons License is of course desirable and welcome,
        if and when it can be successfully agreed between author and
        publisher. But it definitely is not a necessary condition for
        self-archiving, and to imply that it is, and to abstain from
        self-archiving until/unless a CC License is successfully agreed
        is unnecessary, irrational, and would only serve to further
        delay the 100% OA that is already fully within reach."

Stevan Harnad

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