Re: Google's Scholarly Search Service and Institutional OA Self-Archiving

From: Imre Simon <>
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 23:04:22 +0000

Regarding my original mail to this forum, copied to Google, I received
the following answer. I think that others might be interested in this
information and that is why I am posting a copy.


Imre Simon

    Subject: Re: [#17165681] To what extent does google scholar include
    papers in OAI-compliant repositories?
    Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 19:15:13 -0800
    From: Google Scholar <>
    To: Imre Simon <>

Thank you for your interest in adding content to Google Scholar. This is
an automated response. Please be assured that we read every email we
receive about Google Scholar; however, we're currently focusing our
resources on adding sources and developing new features.

If you've sent us the URLs at which your articles appear, we'll add them
to our list for inclusion. If you'd like your articles to be added, but
you didn't include their URLs, please send them in a reply to this email.

We're actively working to expand our index, and this process can take
awhile. If some, but not all, of your articles from a particular source
are included, it's likely that we'll add the rest soon. We appreciate your

Thank you for your assistance in improving Google Scholar.

The Google Team

Imre Simon wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I am just wondering if someone could tell me when a paper resident in
> an OAI-compliant repository will be included in google scholar, with
> an explicit pointer to the paper in the compliant repository?
> As far as I could discover empirically scholar does not harvest from
> citeseer. Is this correct?
> I also found that two papers in a (now defunct) eprints server had
> different destinations in scholar: one of them is included while the
> other one is not. What does it take for a self-archived paper to be
> included in google scholar?
> Further, I also found that scholar includes some papers it finds on
> the net while it does not include other papers found on the same site.
> Again, what does it take for a paper found on the net (and present in
> the main google archives) to be included in google scholar?
> Since previous discussions on this list seemed to assume silently that
> every self-archived paper is included in scholar I thought it would
> be interesting to discover, with some precision, to what extent this
> hypothesis is correct or not.
> I did not find precise statements on Google clarifying any of the
> above questions. I am copying <> on this
> message.
> Cheers, Imre Simon
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