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Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 12:40:38 +0000

(1) Latest issue of Serials Review devoted to OA
Posted by Peter Suber

The newest issue of Serials Review (vol. 30, no. 4) is devoted to open access.
David Goodman was the special editor for this issue, which contains 12 major
articles on the subject. Moreover, all of them are OA. Thanks and congratulations
to David and to Serials Review. (Thanks to Charles W. Bailey, Jr.)

(2) Claudia Koltzenburg is blogging the Cologne Summit on OA
Posted by Peter Suber

Claudia Koltzenburg is at the Cologne Summit on Open Access Publishing
(Cologne, December 7-8, 2004), blogging her observations.
Part I of her blog report is now online, summarizing the presentations
(and much of the Q&A following the presentations) of Friedrich Bode,
David Prosser, Mark McCabe, Barbara Cohen, Stevan Harnad, Donald King,
Sally Morris, Tim Brody, Frank Gannon, Jan Velterop, Derk Haank, and
Hans Reinauer. Thanks, Claudia!

(3) OA archiving with Eprints software
Posted by Peter Suber

Madhuresh Singhal and Francis Jayakanth, Archiving scientific literature :
an experience with e-prints archive software, an essay in S. Parthan et
al. (eds.) Proceedings in Information Management in e-Libraries, Kharagpur
(India), 2002, pp. 321-334. http://eprints.rclis.org/archive/00002665/
The OA edition was deposited in RCLIS just this month. Abstract:
'The world of academic publishing is undergoing many changes. Paper
based publishing is being supplemented by electronic archives. In
certain areas, preprint distribution has completely moved away from the
paper-based system in to a fully electronic system called eprints, based
on open archives. Arxiv.org, hosted by Los Alamos National Laboratory,
is considered the premier example of such e-print archives in the
area of physics research. The Open Archive Initiative (OAI) develops
and promotes interoperability solutions that facilitate the efficient
dissemination of contents amongst the different e-print archives. The
e-prints or electronic pre-prints provide an almost wholly automated and
highly efficient organizational framework and distribution mechanism,
which is web based. E-print software, developed by the electronic
and Computer Science Department at the University of Southampton
(http://www.eprints.org) is one such tool, which helps us to build
e-prints archive. In this paper, we have discussed the implementation
of this software by archiving couple of papers published in the Journal
of Indian Institute of Science.' (Thanks to ResearchBuzz.)
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