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> Subject: Which Journals Reach Researchers, Universities and Funders?
> On Tue, 14 Dec 2004, Stevan Harnad wrote [as part of long message]:
> > Jim Till asks this question, but about Green:
> >
> >> Jim Till wrote: Two questions: 1) Which are the top three
> >> journals in which to publish articles about OA? 2) Of
> >> these, which ones are of a hue of green such that they
> >> permit self-archiving of the final peer-reviewed,
> >> accepted and edited version of the article? Jim Till
> >> University of Toronto
> >
> > He needs to check whether there is a suitable Green
> > journal among the 92% in the Romeo Directory of journal
> > self-archiving policies:
> Please note that my first question was: 1) Which are the top
> three journals in which to publish articles *about* OA?
> For example, the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance
> (CBCRA, a major funder in Canada of research on breast
> cancer) has just begun to consider the feasibility and
> desirability of setting up a CBCRA OA archive, with an
> initial focus on the self-archiving of peer-reviewed
> research reports published by its own grantees.
> If I chose to prepare an article based on experience with
> this particular planning process (which might be of interest
> to other funding agencies and foundations), what would be
> your advice about the best (green) journals in which to
> publish such an article?
> Jim Till
> University of Toronto
> [Moderator's Note: Good question. Publishing in library or
> publishing journals like Learned Publishing (??) or Serials Review
> (Green) is either preaching to the converted or reaching the wrong
> constituency -- since it is only authors who can self-archive
> and only their universities and research funders who can adopt
> self-archiving policies. So it really is an important question how
> to reach this constituency, across all disciplines of science and
> scholarship. Nature (Green) and Science (Gray) are possibilities
> (their non-refereed sections) if your news is important enough.
> The right venue may not be a peer-reviewed journal at all, but a
> wide-spectrum magazine such as Chronicle or Higher Education of
> Times Higher Education Supplement. -- SH]
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