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Issue 42 of Ariadne was published on 30 January 2005:

Main Articles:

* Assessing the Impact of the Freedom of Information Act on the
    FE and HE Sectors
- Steve Bailey describes how the FE and HE sectors have
   prepared for the implementation of the Freedom of Information
   Act and what challenges still lay ahead.

* Freedom of Information in University College Dublin 2001 - 2004
- Rena Lohan outlines how the access rights conferred by FOI
   legislation have affected the administrative operations of University
  College Dublin, Ireland.

* Tracing Help with Copyright: New AHDS Case Studies on Copyright Issues
- Alastair Dunning provides an overview of case studies published by the
  and Humanities Data Service in that persistent minefield of respecting

* The National Centre for Text Mining: Aims and Objectives
- Sophia Ananiadou, Julia Chruszcz, John Keane, John McNaught and Paul
  Watry describe NaCTeM's plans to provide text mining services for UK

* A Librarian's Experience of e-Government
- Jane Inman describes the route she has taken as a librarian through the
  expanding landscape of e-government and highlights the skills librarians
  bring to this arena.

* Advanced Collaboration with the Access Grid
- Access Grid attempts to meet the challenges of embracing human
   factors in remote collaboration. Michael Daw describes the system
   and its claim to be an Advanced Collaboration Environment.

* Software Choice: Decision-making in a Mixed Economy
- Randy Metcalfe considers the role of free and open source software
   in UK Further and Higher Education.

* Making the Case for a Wiki
- Emma Tonkin considers wikis in the context of emerging technologies
  and while explaining the benefits they may offer, provides a timely
  on the feasibility of their deployment.

* Fast-Forward on the Green Road to Open Access: The Case Against
   Mixing Up Green and Gold
- Stevan Harnad provides a summary of his critique of Jean-Claude Guedon's
  article on the green and gold roads to Open Access.

 Get Tooled Up:
* Mozilla Firefox for Rapid Web Development and Testing
- Patrick Lauke takes a quick look at Firefox, the new browser released by
   the Mozilla Foundation, and points out useful features and extensions for
   Web developers.

* Looking for a Google Box?
- Sebastian Rahtz gives us his evaluation of the Google Search Appliance.

* Web Focus: Experiences of Using a Wiki for Note-taking at a Workshop
- Brian Kelly describes how the Wikalong Wiki tool was used to support
   note-taking at a workshop.

Workshop and Conference Reports: At the Event:

* Shibboleth Installation Workshop
- James Sankar and Mariam Garibyan report on the first Shibboleth
   Installation Workshop in the UK, hosted by LSE on behalf of the JISC
   London, October 2004.

* Hyper Clumps, Mini Clumps and National Catalogues:
   Resource Discovery for the 21st Century
- John Gilby reports on a one-day conference about resource discovery,
  held at the British Library Conference Centre, London, November 2004.

* Freedom of Information and the Historian
- Steven Twigge reports on a one-day conference on Freedom of Information
  and the Historian jointly hosted by The National Archives and the
Institute of
  Historical Research, London, November 2004.

* Recasting the Past: Digital Histories
- Vanessa Carr reports on a one-day conference about digitising historical
   records, held jointly by the Association for History and Computing UK and
   the Royal Historical Society, at The National Archives, November 2004.

* Beyond Email: Wikis, Blogs and Other Strange Beasts
- Robert Bristow reports on a one-day workshop "Beyond Email: Strategies
   for Collaborative Working and Learning in the 21st Century" held at
   Weetwood Hall, University of Leeds, November 2004.

* A Tradition of Scholary Documentation for Digital Objects:
   The Launch of the Digital Curation Centre
- Philip Hunter reports on the launch of a major international undertaking
  the National eScience Centre, Edinburgh, November 2004.

* Tap into Bath Takes Off
- Stephanie Round provides a description of her involvement in an initiative
  that will increase the value of collections held by 26 local institutions
to users.

* Participate in Your Future: The IST2004 Event
- Gabriella Szabo reports on a 3-day event addressing European policies,
   strategies and research activities in all areas of the Information
   held in The Hague, Netherlands, November 2004.

Ariadne Reviews:

* How to Find Information: A Guide for Researchers
- Verity Brack reviews a new practical guide for researchers wanting to,
   or needing to, improve their information skills and finds it a very
   addition to any academic's book collection.

* Understanding Open Source and Free Software Licensing
- Michael Fraser asks whether a recent book on open source software
   licences will help him answer a few questions.

* Digital Libraries: Policy, Planning and Practice
- Bruce Royan considers the ironies of communicating the state of the
   art of digital libraries by means of a print publication.

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