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An Open Access Scholarly Communication Workshop was held for the first time
in Central and Eastern Europe on February 17-19, 2005, hosted by National
University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (one of the oldest Central-European
Universities), organized by International Renaissance Foundation (Soros
Foundation­Ukraine), Open Society Institute (OSI), National Academy of
Sciences of Ukraine, International Association of Academies of Sciences and
National University Kyiv Mohyla Academy, and supported by East-East
Program: Partnership Beyond Boarders of OSI and the British Council Ukraine.

The workshop focused on the free availability of peer-reviewed scholarly
articles online. Over 140 researchers, administrators, librarians,
information managers from higher educational institutions and scientific
research laboratories involved in e-journal publishing and institutional
repository development from 17 countries discussed benefits of open access
scholarly communication, best practices of launching open access journals
and converting subscription-based journals to open access, the development
of institutional repositories,, reasonable copyright for open access
scholarship and other related issues.

The workshop participants based their discussions on the principles of
Budapest Open Access Initiative, Bethesda Statement on Open Access
Publishing, Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences
and Humanities, IFLA Statement on Open Access to Scholarly Literature and
Research Documentation, and Declaration of Principles WSIS and made their
own recommendations on open access to information and knowledge and
reasonable copyright development.

The participants recommended that the Ukrainian authorities ensure the
right of individuals and the public to access information and knowledge and
to guarantee that intellectual property regimes are not the obstacles to
the public’s access to knowledge, to encourage research and higher
educational institutions to practice open access, to put an open access
condition to state funded researches (except reasonable exceptions) and to
provide state fund and technical assistance to research and higher
educational institutions to set up and maintain an open access repositories
(a condition of government assistance should be that the institution adopt
a policy to encourage or require its researchers to deposit their research
output in the repository except reasonable exceptions), to support ICT
development in libraries, archives, museums and other organizations
providing access to information and to provide state fund and technical
assistance to open access to cultural heritage.

The recommendations were addressed to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine,
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ministry of Health of
Ukraine, Ministry of Culture and Arts of Ukraine, Parliament Committee on
Education and Science, Parliament Committee on Culture and Spirituality,
Parliament Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information, International
Association of Academies of Sciences, National Academy of Sciences of
Ukraine, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Ukrainian Academy of
Agrarian Sciences, Academy of Law of Ukraine, Academy of Pedagogical
Researches, National Institute for Strategic Studies, State Fund for
Fundamental Researches, Higher Attestation Committee, UNESCO International
Scientific-Educational center on information systems and technologies of
NAS of Ukraine and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and
rectors of higher educational institutions.

Workshop proceedings are posted on the Access to Knowledge web-site: .

Detailed information may be obtained from Iryna Kuchma, Social Capital and
Academic Publications Program Manager, International Renaissance
Foundation,, tel: +380 (44) 461 95 00, fax: +380 (44)
216 01 66,
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