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Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 15:58:02 +0000

    Michael Day, Institutional repositories and research assessment.

    ABSTRACT: This study concerns the potential role of institutional
    repositories in supporting research assessment in universities
    with specific reference to the Research Assessment Exercises in
    the UK. After a brief look at research evaluation methods, it
    introduces the UK Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), focusing
    on its role in determining the distribution of research funding,
    the assessment process itself, and some concerns that have been
    raised by participants and observers. The study will then introduce
    institutional repositories and consider the ways in which they might
    be used to enhance the research assessment process in the UK. It will
    first consider the role of repositories in providing institutional
    support for the submission and review process. Secondly, the paper
    will consider the ways in which citation linking between papers in
    repositories might be used as the basis for generating quantitative
    data on research impact that could be used for assessment. Thirdly,
    this study will consider other ways in which repositories might
    be able to provide quantitative data, e.g. usage statistics or
    Webometric link data, which may be able to be used - together with
    other indicators - to support the evaluation of research.

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