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And the University of Minho will be holding a seminar on May 12-13 to try and stimulate a national initiative in Portugal.
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Subject: Six Open Access Talks April - June 2005

            Six Open Access Talks April - June 2005:

Indiana University 4-5 April 2005:

    1. "Open Access Scientometrics"
    Networks and Complex Systems, Monday, 4 April

    2. "Maximizing Research Impact Through Institutional Self-Archiving".
    Rob Kling Center for Social Informatics Speaker Series.
    Indiana University, Tuesday 5 April 2005.

University of Maryland (College Park) 1 May 2005:

    3. "Institutional repository models: What works and what doesn't."
    DASER-2 Summit: Digital Archives for Science & Engineering Resources.

University of Goettingen, Germany 23-24 May 2005:

    4. "Designing and Implementing University and Research Institution
    Self-Archiving Policy" Dini Workshop on Open Access

Quebec, Canada, June 2 2005:

    5. Keynote. "The green and gold roads to maximizing research access
    and impact" International Association of Technological University

University of Vienna, Austria 15-16 June 2005:

    6. Keynote. "Open Access and the Author Give-Away/Non-Give-Away
    Distinction" Freedom of Information and Open Access. Chaos Control
    2005. University of Vienna/School of Law, the Austrian Academy
    of Science and the Danube University, Krems. 15-16 June 2005.

Stevan Harnad

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