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This is from Peter Suber's Open Access News:

    University of Kansas resolution on open access

    On March 10, the University of Kansas Faculty Senate unanimously
    adopted a resolution supporting open access.
    Excerpt: 'The business practices of some journals and journal
    publishers, moreover, are inimical to scholars' interests and
    threaten to limit the promise of increased access inherent in digital
    technologies. Development of university collections of scholarly
    material is more and more constrained by the rising costs of journals
    and the databases that index and aggregate those journals. Faculty,
    staff, students, and university administrators must all take greater
    responsibility for expanding access to scholarly information and
    ensuring its long-term accessibility while maintaining scholarly
    standards of quality. Therefore, the University of Kansas Faculty
    Senate:...[3] Calls on all faculty of the University of Kansas to
    seek amendments to publisher's copyright transfer forms to permit
    the deposition of a digital copy of every article accepted by a
    peer-reviewed journal into the ScholarWorks repository, or a similar
    open access venue;...[5]
    Encourages tenured faculty in particular to support journals (and
    their publishers) whose pricing and accessibility policies are
    consistent with continuing access to this literature through the
    choices faculty make in the submission of papers, the allotment of
    time to refereeing activities, and participation in editorial posts;
    [6] Calls on University administrators and departmental, school,
    college and University committees to reward efforts by faculty,
    staff, and students to start or support more sustainable models for
    scholarly communication, and to provide financial and material support
    for organized activities initiated by faculty, staff, and students
    that will ensure broad access to the scholarly literature;...[8]
    Also calls on the University, professional scholarly associations,
    and professional organizations of university administrators to
    establish clear guidelines for merit salary review, peer evaluation
    on federal grants, and promotion and tenure evaluation of faculty
    and staff that will allow the assessment of and the attribution of
    appropriate credit for works published in such venues....'

    In a March 25 memorandum explaining the resolution
    Provist David Shulenburger urged Kansas faculty to deposit
    their research output in the institutional repository,
    Excerpt: 'KU ScholarWorks, a digital repository, is
    now available as a convenient site in which to place your published
    work, working papers, datasets, and other original material. Items
    placed in KU ScholarWorks will be archived permanently and will be
    available to search engines like Google and Google Scholar. Many
    studies -- --
    demonstrate that articles that are available electronically are cited
    in other publications at four or more times the frequency of works
    that are not available electronically. It is in your interest and
    the University's to populate KU ScholarWorks with a complete set of
    KU faculty's scholarly output.' Shulenburger also suggests language
    to use in a copyright transfer agreement to reserve the right to
    deposit work in ScholarWorks. (Thanks to Richard Fyffe.)

Posted by Peter Suber at 7:33 PM.


I would add only two points:

    (1) For 92% of Kansas University refereed journal article output it is not
even necessary "to seek amendments to publisher's copyright transfer
forms to permit the deposition of a digital copy of every article
accepted by a peer-reviewed journal into the ScholarWorks repository"
[3] because 92% of journals already permit it:

    (2) Kansas University's new self-archiving policy will help to
encourage the adoption of similar policies by other universities if it
is also registered and described in the Registry of Institutional OA
Self-Archiving Policies:

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