Re: BBC cites a preprint from arXiv

From: Tim Brody <>
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 15:31:53 +0100

Eric F. Van de Velde wrote:
> Is this a first? I.e., a major news organization uses unrefereed
> self-archived preprint as the basis of a news story. Although not a
> major hard-news story, it was posted on the main page of the BBC news
> web site. Does this point to the growing acceptance of Open
> Archives and/or of arXiv? Does it point to a growing disregard for peer
> review (at least, outside of the academy)?

There's this previous occasion (New Scientist, but citing arXiv

The paper in question is

I would cynically suggest the story has more to do with promoting Doctor
Who than it does a breakthrough in theoretical wormhole physics (or peer

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