Elsevier's Scirus and Scopus indexing OA repositories

From: Stevan Harnad <harnad_at_ecs.soton.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 18:21:29 +0100

    [From Peter Suber's Open Access News
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    Scirus indexing OA repositories

    Scirus, the academic search engine from Elsevier,
    http://www.scirus.com/ has launched a Repository Search Service.
    From Elsevier's press release:
    'Elsevier today announced that its free science-specific search
    engine, Scirus, has launched Scirus Repository Search, a new
    service developed to support institutional repositories. T-Space,
    the University of Toronto's institutional repository, is Scirus'
    first collaboration. Scirus has added T-Space to its index and
    is also providing additional search capabilities on the T-Space
    website at no cost. The new initiative will make the intellectual
    output from the University of Toronto, the leading and most
    distinguished university in Canada, easier to find on both T-Space
    and the Scirus website. Scirus indexed the full-text of T-Space's
    complete repository, consisting of articles, datasets, preprints,
    presentations, technical reports and more. By optimizing its
    field capturing, Scirus allows users to search on all important
    bibliographical information such as author, title and keyword. As
    with all valuable sources, Scirus will brand the search results
    so that users can easily identify T-Space content in the results
    list...."Elsevier understands that an increasing amount of
    valuable content is currently held in academic repositories and has
    launched Scirus Repository Search to support institutes with these
    initiatives," said Ammy Vogtlander, general manager of Scirus. "Scirus
    is proud to work with the University of Toronto to ensure the content
    found in T-Space is made available to Scirus' one million users."'
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