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From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 15:32:37 +0100

On Sat, 30 Jul 2005, Sherif Masoud wrote:

> I have created an electronic resource list for the open access movement:
> the Open Access Trade Page It
> contains links to case studies, databases, e-forums, experts, news sources,
> organizations, and more. I hope that you'll find it useful, informative,
> and error-free, and I welcome any suggestions or comments.

The page is a very promising start, but at the moment its coverage of the
the two roads to Open Access is very uneven. What is well-covered is:
Open Access Journal- Publishing (Gold).

But there are many important omissions from the coverage of the other
road to Open Access: Open Access Self-archiving (Green).

I would like to suggest the following additions:

Case Studies
    University Actions for Open Access or Against High Journal Prices
    Journal Declarations of Independence
*ADD: Institutional OA Self-Archiving Policy Registry

    Peter Suber's List on Conferences and Workshops

    Peter Suber's List of Open-Access Archives and Repositories
    University of Cincinnati Journal Policy Database
    Publisher Copyright Policies & Self-Archiving - SHERPA
*ADD: Directory of Journal Self-Archiving Policies
      Institutional Archives Registry and List
      Institutional OA Self-Archiving Policy List
      Bibliography of OA Impact Advantage
      Southampton database of OA citation findings
      Universite du Quebec a Montreal database of OA citation findings
      OpCit: The Open Citation Linking Project

    American Scientist Open Access Forum
    BOAI Forum
    SPARC Open Access Forum
    Discussion Forums Devoted to Open-Access Issues

    Peter Suber
    David Goodman
    David Prosser
*ADD: Les Carr
     Bill Hubbard
     Alma Swan
     Paola Gargiulo
     Helene Bosc
     Subbiah Arunachalam
     Leo Waaijers
     Derek Law
     Andrew Odlyzko
     Arthur Sale
     Lars Bjornhauge
     (plus your humble archivangelist!)

General Books
    Open Access Bibliography:
*ADD: Scholarly Journals at the Crossroads
     Archives Ouvertes et Edition Scientifique

    D-Lib Magazine Open access, focusing on digital library research and development

    Open Access News A popular blog that is updated daily
*ADD Open Access Archivangelism Blog

    SPARC Open Access Newsletter
    Archive of Open Access Now

    Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC)
    Public Knowledge
    Open Society Institute
    SPARC Europe
    Professional Associations in the Information Sciences
*ADD Berlin Declaration Signatories
     BOAI Signatories
     Open Archives Initiative

Scholarly Journals
    Learned Publishing
    Journal of Electronic Publishing
    portal: Libraries and the Academy
    Serials Review

Software & Services
    SPARC Resources
    GNU EPrints Archive Software
*ADD: OSI EPrints Handbook
      Citebase citation-based research engine:
      Download/Citation Correlator/Predictor
      Paracite: Citation-seeker


      Standardized OAI CV for harvesting and impact assessment



Subject Guides
    Key Open Access Concepts Excerpt from C. Bailey's Book
    A One-Page List of OA Resources
    Peter Suber's Page for the SPARC Open Access Newsletter
    Open Access Overview
    Guide to the Open Access Movement
    Peter Suber's Lists
    Timeline of the Open-Access Movement
    What You Can Do to Promote Open Access
    Biomed Central PowerPoint Presentations
    Biomed Central Resources and Links
    PLoS Page on Open Access
    DOAJ Questions & answers
    Public Knowledge Open Access Resources
*ADD: Self-Archiving FAQ

      Self-Archiving Wiki

      INRA Time-Line of OA (Helene Bosc, France)
      UK Select Committee OA Policy Recommendation
      RCUK OA Policy Recommendation
      Berlin-3 OA Policy Recommendation

      For Whom the Gate Tolls?

      Self-Archiving PowerPoint Presentations

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