Re: Journal Publishing and Author Self-Archiving: Complementary Or Competitive?

From: Brian Lynch <>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 10:12:04 -0300

Stevan is not correct to say, regarding BMJ, that "publisher's
value-added version is given away free online"

Here is an excerpt from a BMJ Web Page, about access controls [i.e., NOT

Brian Lynch

Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Access controls on from 7 January

Original research articles will remain completely free from the moment of
publication. The full text of all other articles appearing in the print
journal (eg editorials, educational articles, and reviews) will be free
for the first week after publication and then under access controls for
the next 51 weeks. After one year, access controls will be lifted, and
all content will once again be free. Abstracts and extract views of all
articles will remain free, as will other website content and functions.

Access to is free to BMA members, personal subscribers to the
print BMJ, and users from developing countries.

What this means for you

BMA members need to register on the BMA&#8217;s website to obtain a
username and password. They will need to use this BMA username and
password each time they visit

Personal subscribers to the print BMJ These subscriptions include free
access to but need to be activated first. Locate your customer
number from your journal wrapper and click here to activate.

Library subscribers to the print BMJ will need to change to either a
combined print and online subscription or to an online only subscription.
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