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A further message from Conicyt mentions that of all the learned
societies journals, it is estimated that no more than two or three live
without any public subsidy at all. That is to say, the overwhelming
majority of Chilean journals (outside the biomedical field where
pharmaceutical publicity permits surviving without too much public
support) are supported in one way or another by public money, *even when
they are sponsored by a learned society*.

For example, the journal of the sociedad Chilena de Química (an ISI
journal) is supported by chemical faculties across Chile and these are
supported by public money, of course.

Shall we agree that in the case of Canada and Chile, the case is shut
and that the conclusions stand overwhelmingly in favour of the thesis
that a strong majority of scholarly journals published in these two
countries are supported by public money, that in these two cases, the
supported journals are among the best the country produces, and that,
therefore, they are good targets for mandating their conversion to OA?

Dr. Jean-Claude Guédon
Dept. of Comparative Literature
University of Montreal
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