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The following piece of news should be of interest to this list as it
relates to concrete policy measures aiming at promoting OA journals, one
of the two strategies incorporated within BOAI:

Bioline International receives OSI support to extend its work with
developing countries
Call for Submission
Bioline International (BI ) is pleased to
announce the receipt of a grant of US$30,000 from the Open Society
InstituteÔ^└^┘s Open Access Project. The grant will support the
incorporation of ten additional bioscience and health journals published
in developing countries into the BI system.

It is now well recognized that scientific publishers from developing
countries have difficulties raising the visibility of their journal
publications, due to various financial and technical constraints.
However, publishers increasingly understand the great value of open
access as a way to incorporate local research into the mainstream
knowledge base. Already, over 40 peer-reviewed journals are
collaborating with BI, and for many publications, document downloads
have increased by ten-fold as a result. In addition, one of the journals
on the system reports a substantial increase in submission rates and a
three-fold increase in citation impact over a three year period. Several
publishers also report that the number of international authors
submitting manuscripts to their journals has been steadily increasing,
indicating that researchers now recognize and value the increased
visibility and impact provided by open access.

Journals publishers interested in providing open access to their
publications should make contact with BI and submit the attached form,
giving information about their journal(s).

The applications will be considered by a panel consisting of members
from Bioline International and OSI.

BI is a South/North (Brazil, Canada) non-profit organization dedicated
to supporting the transformation of essential research information to
OAI compliant format and providing an Internet platform for the free and
open distribution of information that currently is largely Ô^└^▄invisibleÔ^└^Ţ
to the international scientific community. BI does not charge for the
document conversion/distribution services, but the methodology of
formatting from existing technologies is gradually transferred to the
publishers to increase their technical capability and develop a
sustainable and independent service for the future.

OSI's Open Access Project ( builds upon
the principles outlined in the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI)
and aims to assist the international effort to make research articles in
all academic fields freely available online. To achieve open access, the
BOAI recommends two complementary strategies: the development of
institutional repositories and open access journals.

BI is very grateful to OSI for its support in this work and values its
continuing promotion of open access and the impact it makes on the
progress of science internationally. Through open access, the
contribution to the advancement of science by the academic communities
of developing countries will play an increasingly important global


Jean-Claude Gu├ędon

Dr. Jean-Claude Gu├ędon
Dept. of Comparative Literature
University of Montreal
PO Box 6128, Downtown Branch
Montreal, QC H3C 3J7
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