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A member of the library of the Academy of science of China has responded
to my query about public support of journals in her country. here is
what she had to say:

As far as we know, all the scholarly journals in China may more or less
receive public support. Editorial office of the scholarly journals are
always affiliated to a certain institute, school or society, which makes
them more credible to readers. The institute, school or society would
devote part of their budget supporting the journals. Nowadays more and
more journals are turning to self-financing, but they still receive
public support in the form of space, equipment or work-time of

Consequently, the case of China appears clear: all or nearly all
scholarly publications in China receive some form of public support.

In all three cases thus far surveyed - Canada, Chile, China - we find a
majority of journals supported by public money. From Chile, we hear that
the Chilean situation is replicated across the whole continent.

If this is a marginal phenomenon, we must redefine the word


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