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Many thanks for your input on the Australian situation.

Subsidies to scholarly publications are generally not viewed as market
distortions in many parts of the world, but rather as part of support to
the research process; however, things may be a little different in

This said, it appears that the Australian Academy for the Humanities
does support some publishing with direct financial grants:

I quote :

One of the aims of the Australian Academy of the Humanities (AAH) is to
advance knowledge of the Humanities by encouraging and supporting
scholarship, and the pursuit of excellence, in the broad-ranging fields
of the Humanities.

In accordance with this aim, the AAH includes in its activities the
Publication Subsidy Scheme to provide modest financial support for the
publication of scholarly works of high quality in the Humanities.

I forward this information to the Open Access Forum. If anyone in
Australia has more information about this, please let me know.


Jean-Claude Guédon

Le dimanche 18 septembre 2005 à 09:56 +1000, Arthur Sale a écrit :
> In Australia, as far as I know, exactly *no* scholarly journal is explicitly
> supported by the Australian Government. We just don't do that sort of market
> distortion. Journals survive on their value to subscribers.
> I exclude of course indirect funding via subscriptions to Australian
> journals by Australian university libraries, and free services provided by
> Australian editors, associate editors and referees whose salaries are paid
> by universities or research institutions, which are unknowable. There may be
> a few journals which are operated by public funded agencies as part of their
> mission (I doubt it), but 'support' for these will certainly not go as high
> as a conscious public funding decision.
> I suspect the same is true of the whole South Pacific and SE Asian region.
> Arthur Sale
> Professor of Computing Research
Dr. Jean-Claude Guédon
Dept. of Comparative Literature
University of Montreal
PO Box 6128, Downtown Branch
Montreal, QC H3C 3J7
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