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From: Arthur Sale <>
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 08:01:59 +1000



I am afraid that your example does not hold up to examination. There is
no provision in the AAH scheme for ongoing subsidy of a journal.


The AAH scheme is to provide one-off grants to publish monographs such a
thesis, a major scholarly work, an historical book, or issues such as
conference proceedings. There is also a preference for hardcopy:
'Although the scheme is generally intended for conventional, hardcopy
publications, the AAH will consider applications for subsidy support of
online works.'


See and the
application pdf form.


As I wrote, I am unaware of any journal published by a professional or
academic society in Australia that receives public funding. There may be
some subsidy within a Cooperative Research Centre (say on Antarctica) for
a research journal based on their theme, but I suspect there are very few
if any of these. The CRCs are too busy researching to bother running a
journal. In any case they rely on mixed sources of funding.


There is the occasional online journal run out of a university, eg De
Proverbio These are subsidized by
free academic time, but receive no public cash.


It is generally considered (in Australia) that Australian research can
make its own way in access to global journals, and most Australian
journals are either based on Australiana and commercially published, or
published by a professional society (eg Journal of Research & Practice in
Information Technology - Australian Computer Society; The Medical Journal
of Australia &#8211; Australian Medical Association) and funded by them.


Subsidization of research - yes; subsidization of journals - no.


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