ETD2005 in Australia

From: Arthur Sale <>
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2005 08:56:10 +1100

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Last week ETD2005 (8th International Electronic Theses and Dissertations
Symposium) was held in Sydney Australia. I attended, as did Stevan Harnad
and 150 others from all around the world. Congratulations to the
organizers for a very successful conference.


If you are interested in open access for theses, the papers are all open
access at the conference site, and of course authors are
authorized to self-archive them as well (and some have, like me).


There are case studies from Africa, Asia, North and South America, Europe
and of course Australia &#8211; in fact every habitable continent. I
won&#8217;t make the mistake of singling out any one paper, but it may be
worth your while browsing. I think though that one thing we all came away
with was a determination to make the submission of ETDs by the PhD
graduate mandatory, and to push for 100% coverage of universities,
particularly in Australia where this was achievable in a short time frame
(currently 67%).


Arthur Sale

Professor of Computing (Research)
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