The New Zealand situation

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 The Royal Society of New Zealand ( receives a direct
(though small) subsidy from the Ministry of Research, Science and
Technology of the NZ Government to support its programme of scholarly
publications.  See Serials, 17(1), 69-75, 2004.

      Since the point of this discussion is supposedly to discover
      what direct stakes national governments have in journal
      publishing, the sort of example you give is not relevant.
      *However, if we regarded such instances as 'subsidy', then
      this whole exercise is pointless.* Exactly 100% of all
      scholarly journals in the world are subsidized.


      What Jean-Claude is looking for is instances of cash
      subsidies from public money - transfers of real money from a
      national government to subsidize a journal. *And this is not
      the way to go about it, even if the data were useful for
      something. The results are simply too liable to

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