University of Zurich: 5th Institution with Self-Archiving Mandate

From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 13:19:07 +0100

The University of Zurich has just registered its Institutional Self-Archiving
Policy at:

The 14th institution worldwide with a policy, Zurich is the 5th (after
Southampton, Queensland University of Technology, University of Minho
and CERN) with a mandate rather than merely a recommendation. This is
also the second mandate in a Swiss institution:

    "Based on the Berlin Declaration (Berlin, October 2003)
    and the Berlin 3 Open Access recommendations (Southampton, March
    2005) the University of Zurich has decided to

        1. require their researchers to deposit a copy of all their
        published and refereed articles in the Institutional Repository
        of the University of Zurich, if there are no legal objections

        2. encourage and support their authors to publish their research
        articles in open access journals where a suitable journals exists
        and provide the support to enable that to happen"

[If I could make one suggestion to Prof. Borbely: Zurich's policy would be
even more effective, and the optimal model for emulation, if it *required*
deposit of the full-text and metadata immediately upon acceptance for
publication in all cases (no exceptions), and *recommended* that access to
them be immediately set as open-access (if there are no legal objections);
otherwise access can be provisionally set as institution-internal,
and authors can email eprints of the full-text to any eprint-requesters
who request them, based on the metadata visible webwide, alongside the
metadata for all the articles with access already set as open-access.]

Stevan Harnad
Received on Wed Oct 12 2005 - 13:40:48 BST

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