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I hope this will be of interest to you.If you have questions or comments,
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Yong Liu

The Stockholm Challenge Award 2006 is open for entries

THE STOCKHOLM CHALLENGE AWARD 2006 invites excellent ICT projects from all
over the world to compete for the prestigious Challenge trophies. The
Challenge is searching for the best initiatives that accelerate the use of
information technology for the social and economic benefit of citizens and
communities. The objective is to help local entrepreneurs, who work to
close the digital divide, by bringing in research communities, development
organisations and strong corporate initiatives.

the City Hall - on May 11, 2006. Special focus will be on projects in
countries and regions with the greatest needs. There will also be an
international Challenge conference in Stockholm on issues related to the
role of ICTs in global development work.

THE AWARD IS OPEN FOR ENTRIES until December 31st 2005.
The application form
is easily accessible on the home page.

The Stockholm Challenge is headquartered at the IT University - a joint initiative by KTH (The Royal Institute of Technology) and Stockholm University . It is managed by a
consortium that also includes the City of Stockholm, Ericsson and Sida, the
Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

For more information, please contact:
Project Manager
Ulla Skid¨Śn
Telephone: + 46 8 7904469
Cell: +46 70 678 72 82 Rules for
participation in the Stockholm Challenge Award 2006

These are the basic rules for the participation in the Stockholm Challenge
Award. All competing projects must:

1. Include ICT
Illustrate how ICT is used to create new or better traditional services
and/or products, which are beneficial for human and social development.

2. Be implemented
All competing projects must be up and running. They should be
implemented/piloted since no less than three months. The Stockholm
Challenge Award does not accept drafted concepts and ideas only. The jury
will only evaluate and compare projects that can show measurable outcomes
and impact.

3. Be linked to and/or supported by an established private or public

4. Be verifiable, i.e. able to present credible references.

5. Be free from religious, political or other personal beliefs.

To be noted:

Projects that have won one of the Challenge categories in previous years
cannot enter the competition again.

All applications must be in English Evaluation criteria

Innovation, creativity and the convergence of ICT with many different
disciplines are some of the qualities that are looked for in the competing
projects. The jury, a group of international senior experts, base their
evaluation on the following criteria, most of which all Challenge projects
should meet:

Competing projects should illustrate new and innovative ways of using ICT
to improve the living and economical conditions especially of those with
great needs.

The addition of ICT as a tool to traditional development work can improve
and widen the scope of the project impact. Projects should show successful
convergences of different disciplines and sectors.

It is favourable for the competing projects to show that they bring
individuals, groups and local organisations into larger communities ¨C
national and global - such as medical, government, educational and cultural
networks, as well business environments.

Equal Opportunity
It is important that the initiatives counteract inequality related to the
likes of gender, origin, age, physical and/or mental disabilities.

An important factor is sustainability. Not only economic sustainability,
i.e. how long the project will last and bring benefits to its users.
Sustainability also includes the contribution of the project to a
sustainable society and environment at large. Opportunities

To enter a project in the Stockholm Challenge Award is not only to
participate in a prestigious international ICT competition - it is also a
way to join networks of some of the best ICT entrepreneurs and pioneers in
the world. Testimonials from many of the projects, which have competed in
their respective categories over the years, say that it is the inspiration,
the new ideas, contacts and partners that are the greatest rewards for a

The Stockholm Challenge represents excellent marketing through the exposure
to media, and to private and public organizations that are involved in ICT
work and implementations. It gives promotional opportunities for
entrepreneurs, universities, cities, cities and regions. The Stockholm
Challenge Final Events include a Best Practice Exhibition and a Conference.
It is a meeting place for some the world's most successful IT entrepreneurs.

Winners and finalists of the Stockholm Challenge are global role models for
cities, companies, organisations, schools and others who are involved in
adapting and spreading the use of ICT.

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