Visits and hits on E-LIS and DLIST

From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 14:39:35 +0000

This is from Andrew Waller's OA Librarian:
Open access resources for librarians.

It reports the high level of usage of two large GNU
Archives, E-LIS and DLIST; see also their growth charts:

     Visits and hits on E-LIS and DLIST

    The number of visits and hits on two library and information science
    open access repositories, E-LIS and DLIST have greatly increased over
    the past year. E-LIS experienced 135,861 visits and 1,176,937 hits as
    of Octber 2005, up from 33,864 visits and 287,390 hits a year ago;
    looking just at hits, this is a 210% increase over what had been
    accumulated by a year ago. The number of hits on DLIST is 112,728,
    up from 41,146 in February 2004. Simply, these tools are being used
    more and more.
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