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From: Raf Dekeyser <raf.dekeyser_at_BIB.KULEUVEN.BE>
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 13:25:56 +0100

Dear Alma,

Maybe you are aware of the following two initiatives, but I mention them
in any case, since it would really be a pity in the context of your mail
if you would not know them:

- The work done by Johan Bollen (with Herbert Van de Sompel). He gave
  a talk at the Geneva workshop on Thursday afternoon (maybe you only
  arrived on Friday?). You find his slides at;sessionId=1&amp;r
  This was really the first "pilot service" undertaken in this field
  (although it included also measurement of regular journal contributions).

- The initiative taken by DINI about setting up in Europe an initiative
  similar to the Los Alamos one. They will organize a workshop for
  starting this up in Berlin in February. In case you are not aware
  about this, contact Frank Scholze [].

With kind regards,

Raf Dekeyser

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> Van: American Scientist Open Access Forum
> ns Alma Swan
> Verzonden: zondag 20 november 2005 7:48
> Onderwerp: Interoperable repositories: usage statistics
> A major study is underway now to develop a pilot service to
> collect, analyse
> and feed back usage statistics for interoperable repositories worldwide.
> The project is funded by JISC in the UK, and is led by Dr Les Carr at
> Southampton University, in partnership with the University of
> Tasmania, Long
> Island University and Key Perspectives Ltd.
> The project outline is as follows: download data are being logged by every
> repository as a by-product of the Web requests they receive.
> These raw data
> are being turned into useful download statistics for individual papers and
> users by a few institutional repositories (e.g. University of Tasmania,
> Southampton University), thematic repositories (e.g. RePEc) and
> OAI services
> (e.g. Citebase). However, there is no consensus over what data need to be
> collected, what filtering mechanisms are appropriate, and what
> analyses are
> useful for academics in various disciplines. To create effective research
> statistics services, an interoperable usage statistics service will be
> created for all OAI-PMH-compliant repositories. This project will
> investigate the requirements for UK and international
> stakeholders and build
> generic collection and distribution software for all IRs. The
> approach will
> be demonstrated by a pilot statistics analysis service modelled as an OAI
> service provider. Working with partners experienced in analysis of usage
> statistics for electronic documents, and an international consultative
> committee of key OAI archive and service managers, the principal
> deliverables will be:
> - An API for gathering download data implemented for common IR platforms
> - A set of agreed standards defining the basis for measuring and reporting
> usage of materials deposited in IRs and aggregated with data from other
> sources where such materials can be found.
> The research to establish user requirements for the new service is just
> approaching completion. It has consisted of a series of focus groups and
> individual interviews with researchers and repository managers around the
> world and will provide the basic spec upon which the software is
> developed.
> Before this phase is finally wound up, I would be interested in
> hearing from
> any researchers, repository managers, gateway managers or service
> providers
> who have views on what kind of usage statistics would be useful to them or
> their constituency. Replies on or off list would be very welcome.
> Alma Swan
> Key Perspectives Ltd
> Truro, UK
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