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From: Arthur Sale <ahjs_at_ozemail.com.au>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 09:47:02 +1100

I am unsure that Stevan is completely safe on point (1). Theses often
contain third party copyright material which the authors have inserted
knowing the thesis will not be "published". Making it into an OA ETD changes
the situation and requires third party copyright permission.

There are two easy solutions: (a) the thesis author gets the permissions, or
(b) the thesis is segmented into several files, most of which are OA but the
restricted bits are IA. Just like hiding culturally sensitive (for example
indigenous people's) material selectively in theses.

Arthur Sale

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> A knowledgeable colleague from France has pointed out to me that I did
> not read the CNRS legal guide sufficiently closely, as there are other
> corrections that need to be made in it:
> http://publicnrs.inist.fr/IMG/pdf/guide_bis_juridique_publiCNRS.pdf
> (1) The passage requiring prior permission to deposit theses makes no
> sense and should be removed. The decision is entirely in the hands of
> the author, particularly after the thesis has been accepted. (Till then,
> it is simply an unrefereed text, and can be deposited as such too, if
> the author wishes, and if the institutional repository has a deposit
> category for unrefereed texts. None of this is a legal matter at all.)
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