Mandatory policy report

From: Arthur Sale <>
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 10:37:14 +1100

Readers of this list may be interested to know that the short paper I
wrote on the success of a mandatory deposit policy in Australia (and the
non-success of voluntary policies) has attracted in just over one month:

USA                 51 downloads

Australia          44

UK                    18

&#8230;                      &#8230;

Total           171


OA IR policies are obviously an important issue. See;id=23
; for the full report on accesses and a link to the paper if you
haven&#8217;t seen it. I&#8217;ve updated the statistics on my PC for
publication, but this is a preprint so I haven&#8217;t changed it. If you
need an updated table, email me.


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