Re: Publishing Reform, University Self-Publishing and Open Access

From: guedon <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 12:41:46 -0500

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Interesting comment. Let me respond below.

Le jeudi 19 janvier 2006 à 16:10 +0000, Alma Swan a écrit :

> Perhaps Stevan also finds, as I do when out in the author community
> discussing open access, that for every 3 authors who understand the
> distinction between publishing their work as usual and indulging in open
> access archiving, there are 97 who do not. Those 97 instinctively cry 'But I
> need to publish my work in journals'.

But these 97, then, behave exactly as Stevan would want them to behave:
in Stevan's terminology, they publish (only) in journals and they
provide access in open-access repositories.
> The word 'publish', despite the OED's estimable definition, has a specific
> meaning to scholarly authors, as Jean-Claude must appreciate. To them it
> means getting their research articles in journals (gold or not) or books.
> Using the word for any additional activities confuses and confounds, and
> plays to the fears of authors rather than providing clarification and
> encouragement to engage in the new communication methods available to them.

Perhaps, but then do not get confused yourself.

Jean-Claude Guédon

> Alma Swan
> Key Perspectives Ltd
> Truro, UK
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