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From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 17:47:34 +0000

There are three possible interpretations of the results of the findings of
the Japanese publisher author self-archiving survey (below):

    INTERPRETATION I: Japan differs from the rest of the (mostly
    English-language) international journal publishing world in that only
    17% of Japanese journal publishers -- compared to 77% of international
    journal publishers) are green on author self-archiving. (What,
    by the way, was the percentage in terms of journals, rather than
    publishers? Here the green percentage for the nearly 9000 -- mostly
    international -- journals registered in Romeo is 93%.)

    INTERPRETATION II: The Japanese survey results do not represent
    Japan's highest quality international research output -- which mostly
    appears in the same international, English-language journals --
    and pertains only to the "national" journals. This pattern may very
    well be similar in other countries too, including English-speaking
    countries, for the research published in their national journals
    rather than in international ones.

    INTERPRETATION III: The Japanese survey was not worded in such a way
    as to make it understandable to the publishers surveyed -- and/or the
    developments in OA have not yet become familiar enough to Japanese
    publishers so that they could make an informed response. (The survey
    may simply have been forwarded mechanically to their permissions
    department for a mechanical rather than an informed response.)

The three interpretations are not mutually exclusive, but my guess is that
the truth is more a combination of II and III than I.

For a researcher-side international survey, see the JISC/Yey Perspectives
finding below (Japan has the highest self-predicted compliance rate with
a self-archiving mandate):

Stevan Harnad

On Fri, 10 Mar 2006, SUGITA Shigeki wrote:

> I apologize cross-posting.
> In this January, we, JANUL (Japan Association of National University Libraries),
> had the survey to the academic societies in Japan, which is as "Publisher copyright
> policies & self-archiving"of SHERPA/ROMEO.
> summary:
> 710 answers out of the 1730 academic societies in Japan (reply ratio: 41%)
> 17% of 710 were green or blue, however, 31% of them (17%) require written applications
> and 35% of them (17%) permit to use publisher PDF.
> The research paper (Japanese);
> Green Societies (.xls raw data) (Japanese)
> * We are planning to make a list like the SHERPA/ROMEO list, near the future.
> Thank you.
> with best regards,
> --
> SUGITA Shigeki <>
> University Library, Hokkaido University, JAPAN
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