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From: Terry Anderson <terrya_at_ATHABASCAU.CA>
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2006 12:15:28 -0700


I am new to this list and am seeking some advice. My apologies if this
issue has been discussed previously.


At Athabasca University we are in a debate to have our Academic Council
(senate) approve a strong OA requirement. It prescribes publishing in
either or both of OA Journals or self archiving through our University
repository. In the policy we allow an individual faculty member to exempt
themselves from the requirement if they have negotiated with publishers
and feel there is no alternative but to publish in a restrictive journal
or monograph.


We have been challenged by an opponent of this proposal who quotes the
collective agreement with our faculty that states:

 "Members of the university community are entitled, regardless of
prescribed doctrine, to freedom in carrying out research and in
publishing the results thereof..."


He is arguing that requiring faculty to publish formal research in one of
the two OA ways above is &#8220; a prescribed doctrine&#8221; and forcing
faculty to adhere (even with the self-exemption clause) infringes their
academic freedom.


I would be grateful for any arguments I could use to refute this


Terry Anderson


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