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Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 19:21:27 +0100

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  Evolving APS Copyright Policy (American Physical Society)

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In a similar vein, APS are being particularly helpful by now allowing
institutions to download final pdfs direct from the APS's own website to
the institution's own website. We've been doing this to fill some quite
significant holes in our preprint collection and have recently added
over 1000 files.

If you read their online copyright details you'll see they allow
employers to host a copy of their own authors' documents:

Anyone with an institutional repository and authors publishing in APS
journals has no reason not to do this immediately!

Just do a search across APS journals for your own affiliations and
download the files direct on behalf of your authors (we had technical
help to automate the process so that we didn't have to add the 1000
files by hand). The affiliation search is quite easy on the APS site:

A very quick way to get some content...and you have confidence it's the
final version with publisher consent. If word gets round about this to
other departments outside physics, maybe the authors in question will
suggest to their own key publishers that this is a good idea...
We have Marty Blume to thank for bringing this to our attention.

Joanne Yeomans
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