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Date: April 19, 2006 6:42:35 AM EDT (CA)
Subject: Official release: Report of the CODATA workshop, SADC

At the recent Berlin 4 conference I made mention of the CODATA SADC
meeting's executive summary and recommendations which were awaiting
official release. That report is now officially released and
available, and is important since
 1. apart from its being a CODATA document in collaboration with
    the South African National Research Foundation and any sway
    that that would hold
 2. it arises from the Southern hemisphere
 3. makes important recommendations vis-a-vis mandated access to
    data and information.
 4. and speaks of policy interventions by funders in
    their requiring self-archiving
I've tried to access this final document so as to verify that the
version I have of a month ago corresponds to this officially
released one, but the web site had some tech diffculties. In the
meantime see key excerpts as blogged at
Regards, Jennifer De Beer

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From: Steve Rossouw 
Date: Apr 18, 2006 9:46 PM
Subject: Report of the CODATA workshop, SADC Region
To: The Report, Executive Summary, and presentations from the
September 2005 CODATA Workshop on Strategies for Permanent Access
to Scientific Information in Southern Africa are now available for
access and distribution. The workshop was held in Pretoria, South
Africa with special focus on issues related to the preservation of
and access to scientific information resources in the SADC
countries.  The South African and the U.S. National Committees for
CODATA presented the workshop in collaboration with the South
African National Research Foundation and the CODATA Task Group on
Preservation of and Access to Scientific and Technical Data in
Developing Countries.
The workshop reports, program, and presentations are available at
following URL:
In addition, the reports and presentations are available on a CD.
receive a CD, kindly use the "Order a CD" e-mail link to provide a
postal address.

Prof S F Rossouw
Chairman:  S A National Committee for CODATA
Ms Henda v/d Berg, S A National Research Foundation
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