Wellcome Trust wins First SPARC Europe Award

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They deserve it! Even though their policy is (needlessly, and remediably)
flawed, the Wellcome Trust definitely deserve this award: Bravo! -- SH

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Subject: Wellcome Trust wins First SPARC Europe Award

Press Release
April 24th, 2006

For more information, contact:
David Prosser, SPARC,


Lund, Sweden -- As part of the Third Nordic
Conference on Scholarly Communication: Beyond
Declarations - The Changing Landscape of
Scholarly Communication held in Lund, Sweden, the
Wellcome Trust was presented with the first SPARC
Europe Award for Outstanding Achievements in Scholarly Communications.

SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic
Resources Coalition) Europe initiated the Award
to recognise the work of an individual or group
within Europe that has made significant advances
in our understanding of the issues surrounding
scholarly communications and/or in developing
practical means to address the problems with the
current systems. In making the Award to the
Trust the judging panel noted the Trust^s truly
groundbreaking work in scholarly communication,
from the commissioning of incisive research into
the market, through to the formulation and
implementation of clear policy in support of the
widest dissemination of the research outputs funded by the Trust.

Dr Mark Walport, Director of the Wellcome Trust
said "We are very honoured to receive this award
from SPARC Europe which recognises our activities
in the promotion of the 'open-access' model of
science publishing. Ensuring that the outputs of
research are freely available and shared as
widely and as rapidly as possible is vital in
order to facilitate the translation of research
into practical improvements in health."

Dr Bas Savenije, Chair of the SPARC Europe Board,
praised the Wellcome Trust's "major contribution
in implementing strategies for open access
towards the widespread availability of
research. They have shown the way for funding
bodies and we hope that others internationally will emulate them."

Following the success of the first Award, SPARC
Europe has decided to make this an annual event
and it is expected that the second Award will be
presented at the CERN Workshop on Innovations in
Scholarly Communications (OAI5) to be held in Geneva in 2007.


About SPARC Europe
SPARC Europe is an alliance of 110 research-led
university libraries from 14 European
countries. It is affiliated with SPARC based in
Washington, DC, which represents over 200
institutions internationally. SPARC Europe and
SPARC work to develop and promote new models of
scholarly communication that increase the access
to and utility of the research literature. SPARC
Europe is located on the web at
SPARC is at <http://www.arl.org/sparc>www.arl.org/sparc.

David Prosser
Director, SPARC Europe
Tel: +44 (0) 7974 673 888


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