Re: Author self-archiving and legacy retrodigitization

From: Johann van Reenen <jreenen_at_UNM.EDU>
Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 13:17:31 -0600

Hi, At the University of New Mexico we committed to archive the journals in
Ornithology globally, see:
(SORA = Searchable Ornithological Research Archive and the name of a bird)
All issues of the 7 most important North American ornithology journals are
in the archive.
We have recently been contacted by Dr David T Parkin for the UK ornithology
journals and are working on Spanish language journals from Latin America.
Thus far the University Libraries have donated the systems and other costs
(except digitization) for this project.
Our philosophy is that if each large academic library hosts a subject
archive we have done much toward open access aims. We also have an active
Dspace instance for other materials (we do not join herewith the discussion
of what this should constitute - but let our users point the way or ways!).
Cheers, Johann
Johann van Reenen, Associate Professor,
Assistant Dean for Research & Instruction Services
University Libraries
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM
phone: (505) 277-8310

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Subject: Re: Author self-archiving and legacy retrodigitization

For the journal which is digitizing back issues, it makes sense to
archive in a disciplinary repository, where one is available, rather
than authors' institutional repositories. This is much easier for
the journal - only one archive to work with, rather than one archive
per author.

This digitization and archiving will greatly facilitate author self-
archiving, of course. Making it very clear that authors (or their
institutions on their behalf) have permission to do this, would be
most helpful.

At E-LIS, we are happy to work with any LIS journal wishing to make
retrodigitized issues available to all.


Heather Morrison
E-LIS Editor, Canada
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