Re: European Commission recommends Open Access archiving for publicly-funded research

From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 05:24:17 +0100

    Survey on the European Commission's report's OA recommendations

 From Peter Suber's Open Access News

    If you or your organization plans to comment on the EC report and
    its OA recommendations before the June 1 deadline,
    consider taking the survey the EC has launched on SINAPSE (the EC's
    communication tool for science policy).

     From the invitation:

    The objective of this survey is to gather comments on the recent
    study financed by the EC. Members are invited to give their opinion
    on the recommendations as well as their proposal/analysis on the
    topic they address. For each recommendation, you're invited to
    indicate, on a scale, the degree of pertinence, how difficult
    it is to implement, the degree of priority, whether there is a
    role for public authorities. Any other information or reactions on
    "scientific publications" issues are also welcomed. The results of
    this consultation will provide an invaluable input to the design of
    the EC policy in the field.

Peter Suber
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