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Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 23:20:52 +0100

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> Hi, I've been putting together a wiki on causality in cognitive
> science. I'd like to give people access to as much published work as
> possible through the wiki. I'm wondering if you have any thoughts
> about the best way to accomplish that legally. My current intention
> is the following:
> 1. Use DOIs when they are available and working although they
> frequently appear to be unavailable.

Why just DOIs? URLs will do, where the paper exists and has one, for the
time being.

> 2. Rather than making published papers available directly on the web
> page, I'll insert pointers to the papers on the author's web page
> whenever possible.

Of course. Why harvest the full texts. It's motre complicated and

> I'd be obliged for any thoughts about these or other ideas for making
> as many papers as easily accessible as possible.

The level of spontaneous self-archiving of papers today on the web as
around 15%. The only way this will reach 100% is if researchers'
institutions and research funders mandate self-archiving -- and they
are, and will, but far still too slowly.

You can accelerate this by encouraging the authors of the papers you
want to cover in your wiki to self-archive them in their Institutional
Repositories (IRs).

You can of course also link to anything you find in CogPrints,
Psycprints, Citeseer, Google Scholar, OAIster, PubMed Central,
or any of the 600+ IRs in

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